I need a partner and a art scene maker

Hi I’m a new writer I’m looking for a partner I can work with and to help me create a good story If anyone is good at making art scenes that would be great too.

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Hi shaley I saw your post about you needing a partner and I was thinking maybe I could be your partner?

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Sure you can we can share ideas and work together

Ok thanks, when do we start?

Can we start today or tommorow?

We can start whenever you would like :slight_smile:

It depends what time are you BST or EST

I actually don’t know when I can do the scenes because first I need the information.

I’m confused the link to the story?

Oh I thought you had everything planned out ?

no not yet

It’s ok Shaley I think you should let @DEACTIVATED do it sorry but you should let her try :blush:

hie, i can help with the ideas and covers and splashes. i have few ideas and i am looking for a partner too. so if you want we can work together.

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