I need a partner to help me develop new ideas

Google Form

Good luck!

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I’m subbited


That was fast. Did it work or did you get to edit? This was my first time trying it out

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It work and only you can access it

I also pm you you should see a message

Could you compromise on genre?

I do drama comedy fantasy romance action mystery and thriller


where would you like to work?


okay. any ideas

would you like to do a mystery murder or something else

Moved to Find a Writing Partner section! Feel free to review this tutorial, it has a lot of info about where to organize posts on the forums :slight_smile:


How are you going to know who submits which form? You should add something for that

Thank you so much. I’ll make a new topic with a better form. It’s my first time. IK

Are you interested?

Closing as OP has made a new thread :slight_smile: