I need a partner!


Can somebody help me with my story “Educating Bad”? I really need all the help I can get.

Add me
Discord: Episode.TayTay or Tayle Starling

If you can’t find me, just type down below where it says “Reply” or go to my profile to message me.


I can @Episode.TayTay


That’s great!


Yay !
What do you need ?


Well coding maybe, and ideas.


Ok whta is the plot of your story


The plot takes place at school. Rose is just a teenage girl, and she is very bullied, she has a friend by her side to keep her comfortable. But really Rose doesn’t know that her best friend Sky is a trader, she tells secrets and gossips about her behind her back. Until Rose hears the announcement from the principal “Rose, and Liam. Immediately come to my office”. Then, Rose starts to tutor Liam, and after awhile it starts to be more than just lessons, like a secret relationship.


OOh nice !


Yeah nice… but I don’t know where to begin…


Like how to start the story


Yeah… I don’t know the beginning, middle, or end.


You can start it by using a script template


Script template…?


Yes do you know what it is ?




Its a list of code that is like an intro to your story


Oh I know how to code, just not a lot.


Also my cover was improved.