I need a person/people to review my story down below


I hear people on these forums like, " I hate gang stories and stories with pregnancy," so I just wanna know is my story any type of good. Because I see people on here like, “in a pregnancy story is the pregnancies ever planned,” or “I hate stories where the female is falling a dangerous gang leader.” In my story, the female is the gang leader. Also, in my story e pregnancy is sorta planned. I haven’t written those parts in yet, but when I do, will it be good?


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I’m definitely reading this. Could you also read mine?

Title: Pyrrhic
Author: Christina Dawn
Genre: Action/Drama/Comedy
Style: INK
Completion: 4 (ongoing)
Description: Your destination: Lacuna
Your target: Americans
Your nation is counting on you, but is anyone who they say they are? Choices matter.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6331424156549120 1


I really hope you like it. Thank you!




Cool! I’ll check yours out! (Actually really looking forward to this) and I’ll leave fanmail!



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