I need a person who can make me a cover for my story <INK>

If you can make me a cover; here are the important things:

  1. There’s 1 female character in the cover
  2. Deets:
    Skin: Olive
    Eyes/ upturned bold (green)
    Eyebrows: defined natural
    Mouth: classic (blush)
    Hair: messy back bun (auburn)
    Nose: celestial


Extras: light bruises on face and right arm. Black background with little white background fog and make it legs up so not whole body.

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I can if you would like! Also drawn or edited?

Drawn and can you show me an example of your covers? Tysm for taking the initiative, it’s appricated :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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Yea of course I will grab them and be right back!

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New Drawning style!!
And how I draw hair now

My first cover is older and I have a newer drawing style now

Beautiful but I want it edited can you do that? Do you have Phonto?

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Yea I can edit way better haha! And no I don’t.

Sure make it an edit just that and I can add the title :pray:

Just one, how long will it take?

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About a week or less, I do have company over but it shouldn’t take too long to get done. Also did you have a pose in mind for your character?

Idle_sad and she faces right :sunglasses:

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I mean talk_sad_clutch and faces right ****

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Not idle_sad

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Woah I got this done very fast :joy:
Is this okay?