I need a personal (art scene) artist for my story

Hey! I need a personal art scene artist for my first ever episode story! If you are willing to be my personal art scene artist

Please fill out this Form:

After filling out the form, Please comment
’ Done ’ On the comments, And dm me a picture of your examples, Cause I don’t really know how to let people import photos on the form :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if people will submit, But okay! :sweat_smile::grin:

~ :revolving_hearts::green_heart:


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How to add file uploads on the form:

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Thank you! I will check your form, Dm me some examples of your work! :green_heart:

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I can help you!

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Have you submitted a Form yet? If yes, Thank you! Please Dm me a few examples of your work! :blush::revolving_hearts::green_heart:

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I don’t have access to the Form???!!!

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Hmm… :thinking: Hold up I’ll check it

There seems to be nothing wrong… I’ll try to Dm you the link and see if you can access it

Please don’t trust this girl, she steals art and claims it as her own :slight_smile:


Don’t trust her.



Share your Art, edits and drawings 3!

please be careful bbg we dont need rats up in here, :red_light:


@Ayvery @MayPenny @esturiia Thanks for the warning ya’ll :green_heart::revolving_hearts: I recognized it as CharRose’s Art right away :grin:

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Don’t trust her. But she’s suspended anyway, thank the Lord!

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I done did got Suspended. Episode got me messed up.

@Jeremy please close this topic :green_heart::revolving_hearts:

Sure thing @CStation :lock: