I need a PERSONAL REVIEWER for my story


Hey y’all. i’m in need of a PERSONAL REVIEWER, I need for someone to revise my stories & be proficient in the following.

  1. Spelling/Grammar
  2. Coding- Know the basics & the advance portions of coding.
  3. Let me know what I could do to improve my story- if anything.
    My story does have a POC as the MC so be aware of that. If you’re interested & feel like you quality feel free to comment under this post, dm me on instagram or just pm me on here. Thanks! My story is NOT published YET.


what is the story name


Pm me ; the story isn’t published.


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i can definitely do that i know a lot of tricks to make your story look more professional and i love helping out. My Instagram is episode.shay.13 DM me on there if you want to take me up on this. Thank You!


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