I need a pfp , man


Heyo friends of Episode! I’m in need of a pfp…it’s a slightly complicated one if i’m being honest, so here goes.

So this is my character I want in my pfp.
For the background I want it to be the background of a mugshot (you know what i’m talkin about?)
Anyways I want him to be lifting his shirt up to show of his abs n shii :smirk:
(I feel like i’m stealing someones idea, if I am i’m sorry I just think this would look fkn cool)


Also if you wanna do it can I see some examples of your work first? Because too often I forget to ask and i’m not satisfied because I don’t really like the style of they’re art…I’m not saying in any way it was bad at all! I’m just saying I didn’t like the style if you know what I mean.


Hey I’ve done one like that before but don’t have it


Hey! I kinda like the last one but i’m not too into anime lol. I’m talking to someone else too atm so I’ll let you know.


Ok lol Ye anime is my old style any way don’t worry if someone else is doing it


Okay, so they aren’t going to be doing it.


Ok would you like me to


Do you have any other examples like the last one?? I just don’t wanna risk me not liking it and wasting your time.


Sorry I lost all my others and if you don’t like it you don’t need to use it xxx
If you chose me I can’t do it till my iPad is charged so I’ll probably only have it on Friday


I’m gonna have to decline then. sorry babes. It’s not bad at all! I just wish you had more examples.


Ye I’m sorry about that they all got deleted when I moved accounts they are my new ones
Good luck finding someone xxxx


Please credit the people who made the outlines, thank you! :grin:


Thanks so much love! I feel bad declining…your so sweet! Good luck to you on whatever it is your doing! :heart: :heart:


Oh yes they were outline contests lol forgot to I will