I need a pfp please!

Hey! Can someone make me a pfp?
Please reply for specifics

I can do it

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thanks! what info do you need?

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Character deets

What you want


Okay… why ya tag meh?

Wanna do it?

yup! Sure!

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If @leela.menoka is okay with it obvi

hair: medium curly solid, black dark
skin: copper 07
brows: arched natural, black dark
eyes: deepset almond, brown black
face: round soft
nose: round broad
lips: full heart pouty, plum gloss
outfit: whatever

yeah! thanks

Just to be sure… it is limelight right?


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And any particular color theme you want??

blue green, if possible. i don’t really care

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I’ll make it within 15 mins?

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that sounds great!
tysm you’re awesome


Trust meh! I’ll do a much MUCH better one tmrw! I have to sleep now, so yeah I was ina hurry bye!

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It’s great! Thank you sosososo much!
Good night :slight_smile:

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Hmm… I tbh don’t like it, but like I said I was in a hurry so am gonna make you one right now❤️