I need a planner and proofreader <3

Ok, so I’m writing a story and finished the first 3 chapters. I have the plot, but I don’t know what could happen in the mean time, because I want it to have 20-30 chapters and things need to happen in between the main events. I suck at it, lol. I won’t publish the plot here because I don’t want anybody to see it. It would mean the world to me if you could help <3

Aaand I also need a proof reader.

Thank you. I’ll also btw give credit if you want


Hey, @braily! Um, I think I can help you with the plot! You can PM privately :heart_eyes:
By the way, you can check my free shop for edits, intros, outros, character’s cards, splashes and outfits!

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I can help you by proofreading :yellow_heart:

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Hi, I am new on this platform and I have tons of ideas for new stories so I could help you with the plot because right now I don’t know how to code on this app. :))
I am also a proofreader and I just started proofreading but I am really good at it even though english is not my first language.
If you are still looking for a partner I would be more than glad to help!


I suggest reading this and clicking on the links below :,)

thank you, i’ll pm you when a chapter need to proofread

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Hello Braily!
If you are still looking for plot construction and a proofreader, I would be happy to help you. I’m a writer, as well as a freelance Editor. Just let me know! :grin:
You can reach me on IG: vonnevantablack , or via PM here.


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thank you :slight_smile:

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I can proofread for you, but I’m a commissioned proofreader. :heart: and I have variety of options you can choose from.
(ex. Idioms, better synonyms, spelling and grammar check, etc)

Which will make your story even better and interesting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t worry, my prices are really cheap .

For further details, please contact my Instagram @olivia.stories_

Or you can fill out my form here itself. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you, but I won’t be able to pay.

Do u still need a Planer?

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i kind of do. i haven’t written a lot on my story since i didn’t have any motivation or like knew what was going to happen. i have the plot, but i don’t know how to execute it. if it maskes sense.

Yeah I get what u mean. I’m also writing my own story rn and I was an author on episode before back in 2016. I just had a long break. I can help you I think if u still look for someone

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that would be great!

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We can contact here or on ig. I have both

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sure, what’s your @?


Honestly I would love to help you guys in anyway you need :heart_eyes:

If you need to contact me please just message me @kayla_is.typing_2 on Instagram.

@Sydney_H could you please delete this thread? (:

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