I Need A Plansch

Hi, I wonder if anyone can make a like plansch to me.
A plansch that says that it’s a sing audition and where and when it’s going to be. Where can be like episodegate or something idk and when around 12-14pm or something. I will of course credit you. <3

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What plansh means? like a poster?:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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yep, a poster/flyer


thanks my english are bad


same here lol

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I didn’t know what they meant, and I am fluent :joy:


Sorry, I’m bad at english too, I couldn’t find the right word :smiley:

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please can someone create a poster to me that says that it’s a sing audition?
When: 12-14pm the 23th July
Where: episodegate 23 or something like that

It will sit on this one ->


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Is it good?