I need a plot ideas (closed for now)

I need a help for my new story that I’m interested in writing. Except the problem is I’m stuck. I don’t even know where to begin, I was thinking I should give up until I went on here for some feedback from people. I also would like feedbacks on my covers:

Well what have you got so far in your story? I like the cover a lot by the way.

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A story about a girl that is rich and makes ano awful mistake so she becomes poor. The guy is the new billionaire and she has to work for him to get rich again.

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What is MC’s personality? Does she get into a romantic relationship with the guy?

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Good questions! She’s sassy , brave and ain’t afraid to tell her opinion. She’s not a spoiled kid and her richness is based on her dad. (He’s a billionaire ) She’s like a bad girl , but not like the ones that skip classes and smoking.
She works for him and they fall in love but their relationship is complicated. Shane (the guy) didn’t like getting on a serious relationship Ashley (the girl) has a crazy ex that rejects their break up and keeps chasing her. They fall in love and more drama comes up.

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More questions lol sorry! Is the dad mean? Could his reasons for being rich bad like fruad which could link to Shane maybe? Shane might be cold from his childhood and something could’ve happened to his family that MC’s dad could be the cause of. (Just a thought lol)

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Uh what the flop, lol. What?

Lol I was just rambling on tbh :sweat_smile:

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Description: Idk yet.

Faith’s personality:
Sassy, Flirty (kinda), Bookworm, poor ( wanted), hates men (you can ask for reason)

Liam’s personality:
Flirtatious, only cares for looks, womanizer, billaniore, Sexy.

I really like the plot twist we made! I’ll answer your questions of course! Her dad is money addicted after the death of Ashley’s mom (she died from a disease ) the reasons that he became rich are because when his wife died he and the divorced mom of Shane had a baby secretly the Shane’so sister (onew year younger than him) . What I mean is that Shane and his sister Eva aren’t from the same dad. Anyways after what happend Ashley’s dad decided to make an office , he became a CEO (p.s. Ashley’s mom is the one who died) and lost every touch with Shane’s family. He became rich and also a p.s. is that when Ashley was poor her dad was half rich so he told her to work somewhere and she worked there. Also Shane’s parents broke up because of Ashley’s dad. And that’s why Shane is a bit closed to his self.


Lol we made our own script :joy:you can use it if you want to lol :joy:

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(Stay on topic people)

Want me to write a new script with your characters?

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You can if you like

Sure why not! But one question, why does she hate men?

Thank you for saying that. Also I’ve got nothing. I know I’m to late, so you don’t have to say anything.

Because her ex-fiance had cheated on her the day before there wedding. So she has never talked to a man ever again. And she had been abused…

:frowning: wooops…

Haha I guess so! It sounds good! I don’t need it as I’m writing my own story!

I want people to know how she felt and leave them in tears lol.