I need a professional artist! [art groups are allowed]


So, I am writing an episode story and I want some amazing art!! So I need an artist to make me the following

  • credit splash - taken
  • social media splash - taken
  • thanks for reading splash - taken
  • intro splash
  • large cover
  • small cover
  • art scenes - taken


bumpety bump

pleaseeee help


I can make the “thanks for reading” splash!


that would be great, can I see examples?




16eca2e6905f7957aa97b2fe29aab2ce823862aa_1_281x500 c0ebf024eefc725855bf8471411c9da43a9cbfd0_1_281x500

Sorry if there’s a lot.


Idkkk if you’d like my art style or not as many people don’t.

So imma just leave a couple of examples here and see what you decide.


image image


Omg, I love your art!


I would love to show you my art!


@Turtle_Cat I would love for you to do the thanks for reading splash!





Thanks for reading:
I’m A Queen

@StoryWriter10 I would love for you to make the social media splash



Follow me on episode: Episode Studio
or Instagram: Artist56218


yes please!


You got it!


Can you send her character details? And when do you need it by?


hopefully today or tomorrow!

character deets:

skin tone: Copper00
eyebrows: arched thin high (jetblack)
hair: straight medium (Blonde Medium)
eyes: round downturned wide (hazel)
face: diamond
nose: round button upturned
mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Hot Matte)


Okay! Thank you!


Anything you want changed?


Omg it’s amazing thank you!!!


I could do some art scenes if you’d like :slightly_smiling_face:


**I didn’t do the outline I just did the words hand the background


omg this is amazing!!!

are you able to do something similar to:


but in LL?