I need a professional Artist (for free pls)

Please I need a good artist that can help me make a cover photo for my story,
Promise to give you a shoutout on my story and Instagram
Drop your instagram handles, will chat you up ,
They you can tell me whatโ€™s needed to get that done.

Look through this The Complete List of Everything - Updated! {Art Shops, Reviewers + More!}

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Hi! My commisions are opened and examples are available on Instagram :slight_smile:


Okay thanks will chat you up


Well I donโ€™t know if youโ€™ll find โ€œprofessional, professionalโ€ artists :sweat_smile: because most artists including me do it for fun and itโ€™s like their hobby and some like me are really young :D

But always feel free to check out Hollyโ€™s Thread and their she will walk you through shops/contests/etc


How do I start

You go to the thread which Rosalinda linked above and there you can view all the free and open art shops available.

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Okay thanks

Amazing art :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: