I Need A Profile Picture! <3


Hello everyone. I need a new profile picture so if you have any free time could someone possibly make me one. I will tag you! <3

Here is my character info-
Skin Tone- Cooper 00
Hair- Long Feathered (Light Brown)
Brows- Arched Natural (Light Brown)
Eyes- Round Downturned Wide (Blue Deep)
Face Shape- Diamond
Nose- Round Button Upturned
Lips- Small Heart (Pink beige gloss)


Does the background matter?


Nope. Whatever works for me!!


Epi.sunset can! Or epi.harmony

@Hialexhi @ThereISNoregrets @Unicornlover346 @xlilMissy101x

We could do it :slight_smile:


sure thing wait whats happening :joy: xx


Can I help. I will try it for fun first and I will make it a daisy or princess edits


We may help her , make her a pfp :slight_smile:


Oh okai :+1:t4:






I’ll edit it and you can do the background and the text. Or the opposite or even do you want do edit the whole? :slight_smile:


you can edit it and i will do background and text :+1:t4: thats fine


Alright :slight_smile:


You can check @Tessx she made this for me

Here’s her link but she’s close now but you can always check her out


I forgot to tag another member @Lunar_Rose :slight_smile:


daisy here is your prp edit made by @elisabethstarrr and rest by me xx


We totally rocked btw :wink: :joy:


you did amazing!


It couldn’t be that amazing if you didn’t help :slight_smile: