I need a profile picture edit

I need a profile picture
For the background I just want
Like glitter or sparkles in a silver color
And I want it to say epi.sparkles

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i can help… with that…

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Thx do you need anything else

tell me what all is your reqiurement… how do you want it? any characters? and backgroung color/? any text recommendation?

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Umm nope just for the font
Ok so I want the font to be a little fancy but not to fancy u know

okay, i will send you in a bit… here… or should i pm you?

Pm me plz


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done… i pm’d you…

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Hey I have no freaking idea what I want
So idk I need a pfp
Show me some of your work idk

Woo hoo

Can I see ya work

Idk but i forgot to mention I need to have my belly piercing

I would like a piercing
Belly piercing aka navel piercing

Please dont make multiple threads that refers to the same topic, you already have an asking for pfp thread that you created just 4 hours or a few hours ago…