I need a proof reader for 1 episode ASAP please!

Hey. I really need help. I am joining the missed connection contes test and i still have 1 chapter to be proof read as soon as possible because i on 27 i won’t be able to fix anything in my story due to my uni exams. I had asked someone to proof read it before but she seems busy and i can’t wait any longer so please if anyone can help me i would be soo gratefully and I can make u an edit in return .u can check the edits i do on my instagram account. Episode_jane.s
I really hope someone could help me in such short time :cry::cry::cry::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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I can help.

Omg thank u :heart_eyes:can u dm me on my instagram episode_jane.s

I don’t have Instagram

So i can send u the script

I could help if you don’t already have someone :slight_smile:

Do u have instagram?


Then please can u dm me so i can explain to u better :sweat_smile:i am not good at using forum :woman_shrugging::joy:

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Thank u i appreciate ur kindness :hugs::two_hearts:


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Or can u give me ur ig name so i’ll dm u

Sure :slight_smile:

It’s sia_epi :slight_smile: