I need a proof reader


I need a proofreader to check all of my grammar and spellings because I have used Grammarly and pro writing aid but I need another set of eyes to look at it And PM if you’re interested in being my proofreader! And thank you in advance!

Here my story covers:

Story Link:


Hello, I have some time on my hands and I can proof-read your story now if you would like. Please respond however you like. As soon as I get confirmation from you I will begin proof-reading.

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Hey, I’m happy to do some proof reading for you. I have done some proof reading for other authors before so this wouldnt be anything new for me. you can pm me if you want me to do some for you :slight_smile:

I’ll be happy to proof-read.

I have finished the proof reading. Here are the following errors:
In Episode 3 during the speech Dad says through instead of thought. Bryce says horning instead of honoring. On the first ending cover in your story Instagram is spelled wrong.

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Thanks you!

I need a proofreader too.

I need a proofreader please anyone. I’m new. And confused very confused. I’m terrible at walking I always end up walking backwards!! Idk but I always end up doing everything wrong.

I can help you out…

How can you help me? :smiley:

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,i’m available I’ll even read it with a textbook by my side :smiley_cat:

What exactly do you need help with? Coding as well?

I need a proofreader too. PM if you’re interested. :grin:

I can help proofread for writing errors

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Yes coding and directing etc. I need a lot of help as this is my first story. I need help on how to show people things that happened and thats happening and making it emotional. I’ll like talk about it to another character and show the readers so they can have empathy with my characters. Etc. And tips for choices. Tips for dialogue and all of that.

I have writting errors but there not actuan error. They are very unique names thats why it’s misspelled. And all of that ughh.