I NEED A PROOFREADER AND WRITTING PARTNER *I can be your proofreader too*

I need someone to proofread my story.
It’s not published yet

I can’t pay or anything like that, but I can exchange being your proofreader too.

I wish to find someone who can also be my friend, I can share my backgrounds, outfits, characters, and all sort of things with them. We can motivate and give each other tips for when we feel stuck.

We both will work on our stories individually, but I really need someone who can proofread for me and a person whom I can talk about Episode related things.


I can be your proofreader if you want it!

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I can be your proofreader and you mine, and we can become friends too

great! what’s your instagram i’ll add you, mines is mina_writes

heyy if you still need a proofreader I can be that for you :heart:! Just lemme know!

Hey there!
Your words seem really genuine!
I would love to be your friend :heart:
As well as proofread your story for free ofc!
If you wish we can talk on insta if you have one…
Mine is @epi_writes, you can dm/pm me whenever you want!

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I would love to be friends! i can’t seem to find you on instagram tho. My username is _ mina_writes _