I need a proofreader ASAP

Hello! I am in desperate need of a proofreader since English is not my native language. To be my proofreader, you could log into my episode interactive account and look at the chapter I need proofread for :slight_smile: That’s how I’d prefer for it to be done. I need somebody with proper grammar, spelling, and MOST def good punctuation (since I can’t do good punctuation for the life of me haha.). I’d strongly prefer if you messaged me on Instagram @bonita.epi since I can get back to everybody quicker :slight_smile:

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Hey! I am not a proofreader but I have seen some people helping others with it! You can check there ^ _ ^

  1. [Sky's free proofreading shop (open)]

2.[Saray's Proofreading and Beta-Reading Shop ||OPEN||]

Good luck!

The first one is free


The 2nd one is paid

Thankyou for recommedin me.

thank you for the mention!! :))

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no problem!

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