I need a proofreader for grammar and punctuation

Hello I need a proofreader! I am terrible with spelling and punctuation and I would love some help! I only have chapter 1 written but I am working on more. I would obviously credit you in my story as well xxx

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Hey, I wouldn’t mind helping :smiley:

Really! that would be amazing! I’ve never done this before so I don’t know how to send it to you

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If you have a non-personal gmail, you could send it to me the narration and speeches like that, or PM me, which ever is easier for you!

I could be a copyeditor, since that’s what you’re asking for.

A proofreader just checks drafts against printed proofs to make sure they’re the same.

I’ve talked about this previously:


My wife was an editor for over 20 years, and there is a huge gap in knowledge between what editors do and what the general public think they do, and what things are called.

A proofreader takes two drafts and makes sure mistakes haven’t been introduced between the two drafts. It’s why you can even proofread in a foreign language, as long as the two documents match, you’re good.

A copyeditor checks for spelling, grammar, and they MAY offer new suggestions, but that’s not their job. Is this supposed to be capitalized? Is there a hyphen in anal-retentive? Is this a brand name or can it be lowercase? (Religious texts are particularly picky about capitalization.)

A content editor will look for errors and continuity problems. Is there someone who died in Chapter 3 alive again in Chapter 7? Looks for things like repetitive information, like “We’ve already established the character is clumsy, no need for another pratfall here and here.” Is this an appropriate term or could something else be used here?

A development editor will help shape the project from the beginning, make suggestions, even recruit artists and writers, and make bigger content decisions. Is the cast of characters diverse enough or appropriate for the setting? Who is the target market? What is the intent? Development editors may also do all the above jobs over the course of the project.

Episode people throw these terms around all the time, but it seems to mean different things here than elsewhere.