I need a purple stage background

Can anyone give me or tell me where I can find a purple stage background? I want the background to also include people in seats cheering if possible. I also want the stage to be interior.

Example: A band or someone is performing on stage.

This is one of the episode backgrounds zoomed in, I can make it purple if you’d like

I want the stage to be in a INT not EXT. Sorry


I hope this helps

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Can y’all post some more. I just want to make a choice from multiple ones.

Hi! I searched the image on google and found it on a few Pinterest boards. Just letting you know, Google/Pinterest isn’t a good place to find backgrounds, most of them are copyrighted (the image you gave is copyrighted). We aren’t allowed to use copyrighted images in our stories, it’s part of the rules.

Respectfully! :grin:

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Oh thanks for letting us know.

It’s no problem, I can find you a few backgrounds on non-copyrighted sites.

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@EmilyP23 @SamoneB @nqomie I think I’m going to use this one that was an Episode background. It’s great! It even has a crowd of people.

I’m going to use this for now, but if I find anything I like better, I may change it. Everyone, feel free to keep sending me backgrounds though! I might find something even better!

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Oh, haha! Glad you found something! Sorry it took a while, I found a great background, but it had people on the stage, so I decided to edit it using the football stadium from Episode.

Purple Stage

The stage

The overlay

The overlay without the lights

How it looks together

If you’d like to credit me you can just use my forums, I don’t have an instagram account (yet). :sweat_smile:

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Thank you.