I need a quick resizing

Can anyone quickly resize this for me

What size?

640 by 1136 plz

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Thx your a life saver xxx

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Hey sorry it’s still saying it’s not right
640 pixels wide 1136 tall
Could you plz redo it xxx

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Hiya, I could do it if you need me to.

Yes plz my app isn’t working

Ok thats fine.


Sorry just realized who I’m texting lol

Lol it’s ok

Hope this is ok

Thx so much I’ll try it now xxx

How is it?

It’s still to small

Oh ok. I’m not sure what to do then. Can u send a screen shot of it so I can see.

Don’t worry I don’t need it that much xxx

Can check out this: HOW TO: Resize Images

Ok xxx