I need a request!

Does anyone know someone a free art shop that can create a cover for my upcoming story? Or if you can create it yourself, please let me know!


We have a IG group with unique artist and its completely free
You can dm @epihellworkshop

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I am part of the Queen of Hearts Art Shop and we have some talented artists that can make covers! Feel free to contact us or place a request for whatever you need! :slight_smile:

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You can always search up some shops that do arts for free. Here are some of them

Cotton Candy Art Shop (OPEN!) :butterfly:

The Silvers Art Shop (OPEN & HIRING ARTIST ONLY !)

:butterfly: Epi Meraki’s Shop! :butterfly: [OPEN/FREE]


I do take requests if you still need someone
My IG is @episode-Magda if you would like some examples x

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