I need a reviewer for my bad grammar :c

Hello guys, I wasn’t born in America so my grammar kinda sucks. Does anyone want to help me with my story grammar and be my “Partner?”. I’ll give you writers credit (Credits in the end of my story.) I prefer you to use Instagram to communicate because email isn’t the easiest communication for me. I also would at least like 2 grammar editors who are ok to talk to each other. My story isn’t very popular so you might not want to expect much “fame”.

Here’s my story

Title: Immortals
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 7 more coming
Author: Prudence/Paige
Description: Hope is a normal girl with a normal life. School, friends, and a wonderful family. But what happens after her parents die and a group of brothers enter her life? Will she find love again?

And my instagram:


Again I’m kinda a small author and don’t have many people reading my story

  • Thank you :3

Hey, you should really try using the app grammarly, it’ll help with spelling, punctuation etc and it’s free to use. I’m dyslexi and seriously this app is so helpful.

I would like to help

Thank you sm much grammarly for some reason reads all of my codes wrong im not sure why though. Thank you so much for the idea though :slight_smile:

Awe thank you do you have an insta i can communicate to you with?

Yeah… Its roy_episode