I need a rp to join


Put down rp sign up links down here that are active and they’ll accept me





Supernatural high

Pm face claims


There’s this super swanky rp called Are you the one. It’s amazing. But right now they’re in the middle of a season, but next season will be fun as well. Can’t wait to rp with you someday :grin:


Thx :slightly_smiling_face:


You can join mine, I just made it. :grin:


Im filling out the sign up sheet now :slight_smile:


I finished the form


I’m thinking of making a rp But Idk what form questions to put


You should observe other rp’s forms for a good idea on what questions to put. Its usually just your username, character’s name, age, gender, (sometimes) sexuality, personality, bio, faceclaim, etc. It really depends on the rp itself. c:


I might make it like high school based maybe




If you’re a marvel fan, you can join mine. It’s called
Marvel’s Avengers RP sign-ups



If you still want one:grin: @_Nasia