I need a scenario for a choice!

Hi I’m currently writing a story where I try and create long and meaningful choices. I have created the first branch of a fairly long choice (it circles back to the main story though)
The choices are

“Run away from the police department”
“Trust Officer Adams”

When you press the first one it takes you on a detour with more choices and interesting people before circling back to the story. But if you choose “trust officer adams” it basically just goes straight to the main story… And I’m sad knowing that some people will choose that option. Thats why I need something quirky and fun to happen!
In the run away option she meets a woman and her son, (even though the son has like 6 lines he is my favorite character in my entire story :joy: )
The son is hilarious and the mother asks questions where the right or wrong answer will have different consequences.

For the “Trust officer Adams” choice nothing special really happens. So i need something… a scenario that happens outside of the police department. I have tried creating a character and I have made several scenes with him, but I can’t make it work! In one scene the MC has to help him with a phone call to his furious wife, in the other scene I made he knocks her out and kidnaps her. But they both just seem so unnatural and out of place.
What could happen?

Thanks in advance :sparkling_heart: :pray:

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If your looking for something sad maybe the officer is either way to nice or way to sad, he might try to spark a conversation with her and maybe they start having a smooth conversation but then something awkward happens.
Another option - They place a bet on anything, and honestly it would be really funny if he wants to go get donuts but you know your choice! (Hahahhahah, that’s funny. Choice - episode., okay sorry)

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Thanks a lot!:grin::heart:
I was thinking something that doesn’t involve the officer, but other people! No matter what choice she makes it circles back to the officer because she is involved in a murder investigation. But with the former choice she meets some people! Its both funny and a little bit challenging. So if she chooses the latter choice it basically just goes straight to main story where she ends up in the police department. I would like something to happen before that! To kinda give you and ‘idea’ of what I mean I can tell you what happens in the first choice!

First choice

She runs away from the police department to a street where she stops to think.
MC: what am i gonna do? - perhaps this wasn’t such a great idea afterall…
Then you see a pregnant mother and her son who’s about… maybe 9yrs old.
Because the MC is only 16 the mother sees her alone in dirty clothes and gets worried, so she says: are you ok? you look like you’ve been through a lot? where are your parents?
MC is now faced with another choice:
Tell the truth
If she lies she will say that her parents are in the store down the street and she just needed some air. The mother is suspicious so she ask what store they’re in.
Now MC has 4 seconds to answer:

-In the Walmart around the corner
-The one where they sell french bulldogs and toast
If she answers the right one the lady walks away
If she answers the wrong one the lady becomes suspicious and says she’s taking her to the station. The kid jumps up and down screaming IS SHE GOING TO PRISON!? really happy and excited and the mother gets mad (the kid has a lot of hilarious childish remarks all the way through)

I love this little “detour” and I’m sad that a lot of people won’t choose it. That’s why I want something similar in the other choice before circling back to the main story, Do you know what I mean? :pray::heart::grin:

I’ve tried a bunch of scenarios but they just seem so ‘wrong’ and out of place :cry:

Yes! I do now. That’s a great idea and I love that little nine year old!

Question So is she face to face with officer.
Also… This is a serious question have you seen the character Klaus from Umbrella Academy on Netflix??

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No, don’t know the character :thinking: (or the series :sweat_smile:) Or… well… Maybe I do, but I suffer from amnesia and wouldn’t remember :joy: Does he remind you of anyone in script or something? :smile:
And what do you mean by face to face? :thinking:
The officer who is named “Officer Adams” finds her wandering around the streets and brings her to the station. They have a bit of dialogue, before and after this choice that I’m stuck on :sweat_smile::heart:

Oh well…
hmmmm, He’s a very funny character and for a character like him to interact with the MC would be very interesting and very funny. That question is already answered then.

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