I need a school template script

hey i need a shool template were she on shool campus then she walk in with two friends and then she walk in side and go to the locket then she open her ocker and hide behind the coner and sees the head teacher telling another student then they run to there class sneekly and its math she sits down with here 2 freinds and the teacher confronts them and than they do there math eqaustion then 2 hours later
its lunchtime and they can buy food with gems if they want then she has dance with her 2 freinds and they dance then she get in her freind class with the other class then they drive off then the scene finishes

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Darling, as I understand, you need help almost with coding the whole chapter, but it isn’t working like that)
It is YOUR story, you have to do it YOURSELF, or find yourself a coding partner.
I guess you don’t know how to code yet, but you can learn how to do it by watching videos on Joseph Evans YouTube channel, he explains everything from the beginning.
You probably should start with that, because when you are asking for Coding Help, you should ask to find an error or help with some command, not to code everything instead of you.


you need to stop creating new topics on the exact same thing they’re just going to get deleted. you’re just going to get the same response each time which is to learn the basics of coding


You just described a whole chapter :eyes: this isn’t what you call a ‘school template’, it’s what you say when you need help with coding.

Try finding youtubers channels like Joseph Evans, Mary D Sava, Episode Notes, Episode TV and more.

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I have to agree with the others, I know it is hard to learn coding and it feels like a neverending cycle but maybe you can make the coding easier for yourself by skipping some small parts! Maybe even learn along the way of the story! I recommend you taking inspiration from other templates on episode forums but If you need help with what you wrote above you’ll need to ask for a coding partner!

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