I need a script please

Can someone tell me who you can make two characters sleeping nice togehter in each other arms or she on his shest it does not have to be a laying animation because the background is a bed they just stand up and the sheet covers them up.


basically u want the girl on his chest make sure u do a fade in so it looks as if there already there and make sre the girl enters first put her in a pose and do the same for the boy and it looks like the girI on top of the man

Yes but what animations do i have to use …

Any Are u using ink or limelight

Well put he boy in the flirt pose were he touches his neck and the girl were both hands are in that sweet pose were she touches her heart

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see how it turns out

ho are the called those animations xxx

the guy one flirt an the girl is flirt

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Maybe you could write it in another Way some people might not like you saying that