I need a script plezz?

Hey there I kinda need help with a script it just has no lines its
for example something like this
@DAVE spot 0.282 -39 581
@GWEN stands screen left
@CHRISTOPHER spot 1.352 487 26
@GWEN is think_rubchin
@CHRISTOPHER faces left
@GWEN is sigh_disappointed

@GWEN is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop

@CHRISTOPHER changes into CHRIS_work

@GWEN is pickup_object_neutral

@add Coffee Cup To Go to GWEN
@GWEN faces right
@CHRISTOPHER walks to spot 1.352 170 9
@GWEN is react_shocked_gasp AND CHRISTOPHER is react_shocked_gasp

@remove Coffee Cup To Go from GWEN

@GWEN is scream_angry

@CHRISTOPHER is talk_afraid

@CHRISTOPHER is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear and CHRISTOPHER faces right and CHRISTOPHER spot 1.280 144 35

@GWEN is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop

but with more scenes i want GWEN and CHRISTOPHER to be in most scene GWEN is mostly annoyed of him and also add RENAY and CHRISTOPER laughing as friends also scene of GWEN and RENAY they are best friends so get creative with all these scenes b/c imma do a 5 month time jump so i need a script where time is passing by please and thanks i’ll give everyone who helps credit
oh and also add CHRISTOPHER secretly talking over the phone and having secret meetings with his father MR. FORD

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