I need a script template for the Italian restaurant background

I am really having so much trouble figuring this out, I need someone to please give me a script for the Italian restaurant, Its not that I am new to all of this however I get confused easily and since I have to put six different characters, two in different zones and have to seat them it really messes with my head because there are many words/codes , Can someone help me and yes I’ll give credit.

So your confused on how to use the backround, or how to place the characters?

How to place the characters, like I said all the code/words that I have to use in order to make this scene has me confused.

So…you have 6 characters to place, 2 characters in different zones than the others, and they all need to sit? I can help if that is it.

ohh I just looked up the background alright I’ll here’s what you need to do:

just place your characters in random places, it doesn’t matter. for Example:

@CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHARACTER faces right

@CHARACTER stands up screen left AND CHARACTER faces right

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces right

@CHARACTER stands screen right AND CHARACTER faces left

@CHARACTER stands upscreen right AND CHARACTER faces left

@CHARACTER stands screen right AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER moves to layer 1

(Just example, doesn’t matter where characters are right now, you just need them in the scene)

then in your script write:


So it doesn’t automatically go to ‘to be continued’ and let you pause.

Now switch to your mobile device and preview your story, In your options you’ll see directing help, click it, then go to spot helper, you are now aloud to move your character where you want them to be, change their size, then you’ll see a code in gray, for example:

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 99 -7

When u find the spot you want for your character look at the numbers, write it down, and then you go to your script and do:

@CHARACTER spot (the code you wrote down) AND CHARACTER is idle_sit_neutral

you can do this with multiple characters, if you want to do it with another character you’ll see above the code you need to write down ‘change char’ and it will let you do it to another character,

to change the zone you just need to do the same with codes like

‘cut to zone 2’

if this didn’t make sense I’m sorry I’m not that good at explaining,

watch Joseph Evans ‘spot directing’ on youtube, that should help.


Thank you so much, ill try it out and see if it works.

Glad to help!

How do we show a full restaurant full of people? Like everyone sitting at tables from one end to another?

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You should plan through the zones by using the command @pan to zone # (Like @pan to zone 2).

You can pan AND narrate at the same time by doing this:
&pan t zone 3
This is the restaurant.

Make sure to spot direct everything BEFORE panning.

To zoom in a specific spit in a DIFFERENT zone, write the following:
&pan to zone # in a (s stands for seconds)
&zoom to # # in #% in s (s stands for seconds)

Thank you for your help.
Since mine is in a restaurant, is there a code that you’re aware of that shows a character sitting behind a table ?