I need a serious and committed writing partner


Hi there!

I am looking for a writing partner. I am not the greatest at directing but I do know the basics. I struggle with overlays and the fancy spot directing, but am good with walking, talking etc and also the idea. I would love someone who can help me with them ^^ as well as elevate the ideas that I have. I had another person on board but she’s been inactive for weeks and I really want to work with someone who’s dedicated and committed and we actually do our own role respectively but obviously still work as one unit.

I need someone who can complete stuff on time/inputs ideas and we don’t force a friendship, it happens naturally :).



what would your story be about?


Hey :slight_smile: It’s the romance/drama genre.


Do you have instagram? or would you PM me here? I’m interested in helping.


Hi, if you like you can send me a message on instagram @ miawritesepisode or just PM me here, and we could chat for a bit to see if I can offer you what you are looking for.


Hi there!

Yes I do have instagram :slight_smile:


what’s your instagram?


My instagram is @quotesinlyfe


THIS THREAD IS CLOSED. I believe I found a really, REALLY good partner and editor. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP :slight_smile: