I need a Small cover for my story

I really need a small cover for my story, the thing is, I don’t know how to make a cover… Can anyone help me???

@Autumn11 I can do it for you! Examples are here: Angelina's Art Shop! [CLOSED TO CATCH UP]🎃

I dont really get it…

What do you want me to do?

Examples of my art work are there, and if you like my work and want me to do your cover, you can
A) pm me the details
B) put the details here
C) click on Cover under To Order and answer the questions

oh ok!

Do you want me to message it to you?


Did you get the message?

No… Just copy & paste the info- I’ll start the pm

Title: Bad Is The New Good
Author: Autumn Hart
Theme: Goody-two-shoes turns into a bad person
Characters- (GIRL) Blue eyes (upturned bold) - Black Diva curls - Soft Natural Nose - Classic lips (bubblegum Pink) - Soft Angled eyebrows - Light Skin. - oval
Characters- (BOY) Light Skin - Uneven lips (blush) - Short cropped hair (black) - button nose - thick arch eyebrows - stoic almond eyes (blue) - defined triangle
Outfits- (GIRL) Gold heels - Short pencil skirt (white) - Trendy White Top.
Outfits- (GUY) Black tight pants - Henley Shirt (Cherry Red) - Skater guy black Sneakers

I hope this is good.

is it?

Thanks for agreeing to do this, I may type/talk a lot, so now I am done bothering you. Message it to me when your done and I will check on it when I wake up. Again, thanks!

I help too

You can visit my topic, and look at my drawing too…If you like you can request one, I need a long time learning those.