I Need A Small Cover, Large Cover, Chapter Splash, And Splash With A Person On it

Hi I need all types of art above. I need everything except for the Chapter Splash, to have character edits. By character edits I DONT MEAN OR WANT THE CHARACTERS TO BE DRAWN OUT I mean edited with eyeshadow, nail polish, contour, highlights etc. Thankss

Examples: image
See how the girl has nail polish, high lights, eyeshadow and whateva lol :laughing::blush:


The Art I’ll Do: (name which one your gonna do for me)
How long it will take: (How many minutes, days, or hours)
Examples of what you have made: (Your chapters splashes, small covers. , etc)

Thank you so very much episodians! :slight_smile:


Episode dreams can do both covers

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can I helpy? :blush::cherry_blossom:

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Please Post A Link Of How I can get to them :slight_smile: And I’ll decide

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Please Fill Out The Forum :blush:


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Episode harmony can

Thank you

The Art I’ll Do: spash w a person
How long it will take: todayy
Examples of what you have made: wait pls :blush:

We can do them go here

Fill Out The Forums Please, And Name the person whos going to do it please

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I’ll decide if you can make once I see examples thank you :innocent: can’t wait!

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Just wondering are you gonna fill out the forum? :grin:

Love it!

Wat lol?

here they are <3

May I see some with people on them I’d like to see the way you edit your characters?

The example of the art cover and how that girl have yellow nails which I have to say that’s what Episode need! Well not only yellow nails but you know what I mean​:weary::relieved::raised_hands: