I Need A Small Cover, Large Cover, Chapter Splash, And Splash With A Person On it

Please fill out the forum :slight_smile:

Episode dreams will do both covers done by tomorrow


image image

The Art I’ll Do: (name which one your gonna do for me) all
How long it will take: (How many minutes, days, or hours) an hour or 2
Examples of what you have made: (Your chapters splashes, small covers. , etc)

Who didn’t the girl with the blanket the last one there?

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I mean fill it out the forum with your answers.

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Oh wait you did I apologize i didn’t see your answers at the end :grin:


Heres the group examples

And heres mine

Untitled73 Untitled72 Untitled69 Untitled69-3 Untitled62 Untitled64 Untitled52

Do you have any that are not drawn

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wwoowyyy you get better evry day! those are awsome I hadn’t seen them

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May I see some examples with people on them? :grinning:

I lost them all

But heres one I manged to save


So… If you like my art I would love to help. I can make one like the girl crying, I’m good at custom poses not drawn especially ROFL

Can I see some that are edited Because I prefer the characters with makeup and stuff instead of them being regular. But thats if you have any

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I don’t have’ em here
but if you want someone’ else’s art it’s ok :slight_smile:

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If you give me a try I can

And @NattyGomez is with us and shes the best

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So… Can I do the covers??

yanoo wutt I’ll leave it to them but thanks anyway
your in good hands :slight_smile:


I actually really like how you did the font on your splashes, do you think you could do the chapter splashes