I need a spell- and grammar check (English is not my first language)

Hi everyone!
I’m from Germany and I just got back to my story “Time travellers” and finished my 13th chapter. After a break of a few months, I need someone who wants to spellcheck my story. I guess I’m making some weird mistakes that are technically correct but people would never say that. Furthermore, I would be pleased to get some suggestions and a little review on that chapter.

I know that this could be time-consuming, so I can offer some artwork for your own story (I’m a graphic artist)

If you are interested please send me a message :slight_smile:

English isn’t my first language too, however, this site https://languagetool.org/ helped me a lot, along with Grammarly. they’re both so good.
But if you want, I can help you with proof reads :slight_smile:


I can help

I could try my best to help with spelling and grammar mistakes. Any length of story is fine. Just let me know when you would need it by.

Hello! If the offer’s still available, I would love to spell and grammar check your story. :slight_smile:

I would love to do a spelling and grammar check for you. I actually have always loved learning English & learning new ways to make writing more interesting. I can also give you some new wording, for example good can become festive. Please write back to me if i can spell-check your story!

xx April xx

Thank you so much for your replies!
I’ll send you a personal message :slight_smile: