I need a splash, can someone make it for me?

I need a splash, can someone make it for me?
I need a splash that says “Tap slowly, there are advanced zooms.” please

I would like this character to be standing in the middle doing the animation search.
I would like the background to be this:

If you make this for me, you will surely be credited.
Just reply if you will or you have any questions.

I can!

I can! Here’s an example-


Great! And I have a question. Can you put the girl lower to the bottom, you you know, under the words.

That’s perfect. Can you make me a different splash?


@kennedy11 we can split the work… or you can do it

No, you replied first. It’s only fair you get to do at least one.

It’s fine! I need two splashes anyway. You both with save me the work in making another thread.

Are you sure? I’m more than happy to let you do it! Or split the work!

Oh ok! That’s perfect!

@Turtle_Cat Would you post the character details here? So i can make the pose?

Alright! Can I have this one say “Previously on Save Me, Hero!” with an exclamation point on the end.
It can be the same character but doing the animation dance_groove_loop.
Can it be the same position as the “tap slowly” one.
You can choose the background, as long as it’s rainbowy (I think that’s a word) and 640x1136.


Skin tone: Light
Eyebrows: Thick flat
Hair: High ponytail, Auburn
Eyes: Round Bold, blue
Face shape: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic, Rose

I’ll do the ‘tap slowly’ one!

Whatever is best for you!

Thanks so much!

No problem!

i can send you some drawn examples if you’d like?