I need a splash


Hey everyone! I need a splash for limelight! If your interested in helping me, I will give you credit!


I can help if you want


Really? Do you have any examples I can look at? :thinking:


Yes one sec… let me see if my drive will work right now




It worked!!




Yes! I love them. you can make it however you would like. I am open to anything honestly. :slight_smile:


Okay. Which kind of splash do you need?


Sound please!


Okay… do you want a specific limelight character? Or just one I have made?


A specific one! I will send you the details.


Skin: copper 00

Brow: arched thick styled (color chestnut brown)

Hair: short wavy ombre (color blonde medium)

Eyes: round medium (color blue deep)

Face: heart soft

Nose: defined natural

Lips: full heart pouty (color peach matte)

And you can dress her in anything you would like!


Got it… give me till tomorrow and it should be done…


Thank you so much!


And take your time, I am in no rush :blush:


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Almost done…