I need a story buddy!

Hello Episodians and fellow Episode lovers!

So recently I got an idea for an amazing story! But I am too shy to do this alone, so if anyone wants to accompany me, I will be really happy!

My story idea:
Melissa, a 14-years old girl, moves with her divorced mom to a new town, Lake Shield. Here, she meets 4 of her soon best friends: Aileen, Gabriella, Iris and Charlotte. One day, Charlotte invites all of them to tea party, where her grandmother, Ling, tells them a story about a powerful planet far away from Milky Way called Emeraldium. There, magic both evil and good fight for planet’s balance. However, powers of evil started to overcome the good ones and started creating portals that invade other planets. Goals of the Guardians, which are the good magicians, are to close these portals by using their powers. After the story, Ling names girls new Guardians and gives them their powers. Aileen gets water, Gabriella fire, Iris nature and Charlotte wind. And Melissa? She got the power to combine all of these elements by using Heart of Sapphire (which is a necklace with a little pendant shaped like an ellipse). Will they overcome the evil powers, close portals and end the chaos once and for all?

And yes, I did inspire a LOT from a TV show called W.I.T.C.H. because I love it and it should be in Episode too. :heart:


I’ll help

Are you sure you can do it? Im kinda specific in some forms so I hope I wont make you upset or anything!

I sure!

Perfect! I will DM you!


That would be amazing :heart:

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Can I DM you?

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Alright guys, I still havent found my help! Post is still open to anyone who wants to help me! :heart:

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I’d be happy to be writing beside you if that is okay, do me anytime x

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I meant dm me, soz xx

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I would love to help and i am SUPER melodramatic so i would love to help!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and honestly i would love to have somebody by my side***

Perfect, more the merrier :heart: What would you help with?

i would like to create a series of a girl being a boy in secret and going to academy for mostly boys but there being so little girls in the school

Aw girl Im sorry but im looking for help in MY story, im not actually offering that i would help. Im hoping youll get someone though :heart:

its okay but thanks for replying

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Bumping :heart:

Bumping :heart:

If you need anymore help I can help you guys out too

That would be awesome! What would you help with? :heart: