I need a story cover, if anyone would like to help

I’m starting yet another story, though it won’t be published until it is mostly finished, and I need a cover for it! The Title is “Just One Night”, and the Concept is a girl and her best friend go to aparty to get the girls mind off of her recent break up, She meets a guy at the party and he asks her to a date, He says it’ll be only one night but, can she make him fall for her? There’s three main characters though, There’s the guy, the girl, and the third girl who’s obsessed with the guy (Names will be released once the story is published) image

The “normal” girl (AKA the one who had the recent break up)

And the guy the “normal” girl meets

I will do your cover in abit if possible

Thank you! That would be perfect!

yeah no problem but so that its easier fo me can you come request at episode dreams and give ally ou deets

@Haley_A1 would you prefer this to be drawn or photoshop?

Do you have them in the pose you want them

It wouldn’t matter to me! Any way you think is best

Well, I know for sure the blonde would Be, the other girl, should look sassy, and the guy should just be there with like a smirk or something similar to that

@Haley_A1 Hope this is what you were looking for:

Small Cover: https://imgur.com/e4X9Yq4
Large Cover: https://imgur.com/YdpzYSy
Original: https://imgur.com/t7gm9o9
Let me know if you need other resolutions.

If you do use this…I’m a digital artist and it would really mean a lot to me if you follow me on instagram (@xdaiax.art) <3


Thank you so much! This is perfect!