I need a story cover, please!

Hi people,
I need a story cover done for my upcoming story. Its called “Edge of Existence”. It’s basically about a massive group of robots who try to take over Earth. I’ll explain the details below.

Description: In a place where everything is normal. An unknown group of robots invade the city. Can you stop them before its too late?
Background: Like sci-fi themed? maybe?
Characters?: No

Here are some examples of Episode’s stories:

Is this possible to do or will I have to do something else? I’m scared! :scream:

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Most likely you’d have pay commissions for that style/realistic style :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t really understand the request, are you looking to have a similar cover to those you posted?


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Alright cool, for that experience I might suggest that you look for a commissioned artist, since few do that for free. If you want a free one you might have to look for an edited cover instead, to find that there’s lots of cool art shops here on the forums! If you request a cover there it might go faster. :slight_smile:

Do you know of any that I should go to?

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For free or commissioned work?


I suggest checking the art threads, as there are some individuals or groups who do a semi-realistic to realistic style.

Otherwise, I’ve seen a lot of artists here link their DeviantArt accounts, so I’d say that’s a good place to start?

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