I need a story cover urgently!

hey guys! im @reynakathline on episode!
im about to publish my first story and i really need a story cover and i suck at making one :frowning:

so i would love if anyone could help me out? the story is about a girl (you) in hollywood trying to be a star. pretty basic, i know. but since it’s my first ever story i wanted to keep it simple.

i would love the cover to be pretty simple and minimalistic
i need one small and one big!
thanks for the help in advance and ofc i will credit u!!

do you want it edited or drawn? i can only edit it!
i don’t know if i can actually do it becouse of that i only made one for myself so far but i would love to try it!
i do need some more information like how you want the character(s) to look and the clothes, postions and what kind of background! (and text!)

oh yeah this is my example of the cover i made:

my cover

I can make a digitally drawn one!