I need a story description idea-

my story is about two girls, they’re best friends but one day while at a fancy party of a multi-millionaire who created epigram and epibook (Facebook and instagram basically) the mc gets drunk so she goes home to rest while her bsf stays… next day the police department call, they said that her bestfriend was tragically murdered around 2am, the police said the security cameras were off at the time and everyone fled after the murder, SO the police investigate but find no trace o the murder (besides the dead body) they close the case a few months later, the mc took things into her own hands and hired a private investigator, they slowly fall in love with each other while escaping rooms, hacking alarms, and finding deep secrets about her best friends family…(dw the family didn’t murder her…)then at the end they find out who it is and bam CASE CLOSED.

(sry for the long summary lmao)

any ideas?


I’m really awful at story descriptions but I just wanted to say the story sounds pretty awesome. I would to read it when it’s out. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

oop- tysm :,) ill let you know its called “Case Closed”

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Hmm. Maybe something like this could work?

You’re left shocked after your friend dies mysteriously. The police suspects no foul play, leaving you to take matters into your own hands. Will you be able to solve the case?

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ooo tysm!

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How something like that? :slight_smile:
One night your lifes changes, your bestfriend died and no one know how and why. Next to a private investigator will you discover what happened and take revenge?

When a multi millionaire’s party ends in MURDER…And justice doesn’t prevail…you take things into your owns hands, finding secrets and love along the way…Is it really CASE CLOSED!!!

I hope this helps💕

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