I need a story fast (if there is)

Hello, i’m Kenan Diamond, 15 yo, i’ve been suffering so much from feeling nothing and thinking i’m in a dream from 2 and a half years ago!

And i still don’t know what’s happening to me, but lately all my thoughts was about “depersonalization disorder” and i’ve been thinking if someone, or anyone created a story about that disorder, and it will be gladly appreciated if anyone replyed to me about anything of that kind, or created to be Exact!

And thank you very much for your concern!!

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https://episode.app.link/S8Myd6Dw0R may be you like it but there is nothing related to your disorder…but u can use it when you feeling boring or something…have fun

BURNING DESIRE!!! Best story I’ve read by far and I’ve read ALOT! Then you have to read Skin Deep after!