I need a story feedback

So I am just here to ask you for a feedback on the story I’m currently working on…
The story is basically based on two different personalities who are total opposite.
Character details -:

    AGE - 24
    BACKSTORY-: A girl with a tragic past where she lost her brother who was a car racer, he died in a car crash due to break fail and therefore this turned out to be a life changing disaster for her, turns out that she became a car racer which made her feel like she is taking revenging her brothers death. The biggest plot twist is when she gets to know that it was a suicide which was commited due to his love failure.
    FAMILY BACKGROUND -: Expected to take over her fathers estate at 25
    PERSONALITY -: Cold hearted, bad at hiding emotions, speaks a lot, has anger issues, atheist,
    bold, badass wink
    *Aurora keeps her car racing a secret and no one knows about her past except her father
    *After knowing that his brother commited suicide she stopes believing in love thinking it starts controlling you.
  2. NAME - LUCA
    AGE - 25
    BACKSTORY - Due to his fathers great property and company, his father had a lot of enemies but none of them could bring the Blackburns down until one day they were under attack and both Lucas father and mother got killed. From that day Luca is searching for the one who was responsible for all his loss. Biggest twist is that it was his fathers closest, his fathers right hand who did it all to take over his fathers company. Now he is trying to kill Luca as he is going to take over the company.
    FAMILY BACKGROUND - Expected to take over his fathers company and involved in illegal gun trafficking
    PERSONALITY - Calm, emotionless, speaks less, atheist as well, hot as hell wink
    *He keeps his gun trafficking a secret

STORY PLOT - Aurora moves from Mexico to America, NY keeping her identity hidden and searching for his brothers culprit (she doesn’t know about the suicide yet) whereas Luca alrealy lives in NY and no one knows about the gun trafficking. Coincidently their bestfriends are getting married to each other and thats how they meet but like usually they start off the wrong foot. Aurora and her friends, at her friends’ bachelorette ended up drunk and drive and due to that boys too get involved and end up in jail at the firstday of meeting. This develope hate between them but somehow the story unfolds leading to some major twists. I’m not going to write the whole damn story for god sake…but plz do me a favour…anyone tell if they want any changes and any other plot twist or any error.

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It looks really interesting!!
I’d honestly want to read that in a heartbeat.

Do send me the link when you have it!!