I need a story reviewer!

Ok so, I recently started a new story, and almost done with the first chapter! I was wondering if I could have someone be my reviewer, and review it for me?!



ok, ty! When would u be able to review?

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I can try to do it tonight!
or right now, if you want

ok ty!

I am still on the first chapter 2 day, so that’s fine!

I cant see what you wrote, it got blurred

Click the blurred part, it is just a effect

oooh. lol. sorry.

It’s okay, lol! I had the same problem when I first joined.

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I actually started a few weeks ago, and I’m still learning! :sweat_smile:

Oh… well that’s still fine!

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I don’t mind helping and reviewing your story :grin:

Okie so here r the story details, if you don’t like it, just don’t review it! I won’t get offended!
Title:Gone Bad
Big Cover:image
Small Cover:image
Desc: After the death of her parents, the killers come back to finish the job, her elimination! Will they succeed, or will vengeance be rewarded?

Hey, so whoever is reviewing my story, I might have chapter 2 also done!

how do I get da link…?

Uuuuuhhhhmmm… hello?

I will try and review it when I can.

Oh, alright just tell me when u r free!

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okay! I have some questions and I started a chat but no one joined, or answered my question.

Looks like this, Does anybody think episode should update the episode terms of service?

I’m also going to try and review it now, and I’ll let you know what I think when I can.