I need a Story Team!

If you are good at writing, making ideas, and or coding, let me know! It’s a fantasy story so we can make it detailed and magical!


Can I join?

Uhhhhh I do outfits/characters
Also I can write dialogue

I’d love to join!

Ooh, sounds exciting to have a story team! I have experience writing stories and coding using Javascript and Lua. Contact me if you want me to help. :slight_smile:

I would like to join.

I think it’s a team thing, not a partner thing…

Yes, I know and I have stated that. “sounds exciting to have a story team!”.

“Contact me”.

Uh, the person needs to contact me so I would know if I am in the team or not. Are you ok?

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I’m fine. I was just confused. :joy:

Hope I didn’t sound rude.

hey i can help with the characters if you want. And i would really love to join

I would really love to join! I’m great at coding (I think :sweat_smile:)

Welcome! :confetti_ball:

I would like to join!
I can code, I’m especially good with advanced choices and branching. If you want to I could help with the story too, to avoid too obvious and overused cliches.

Some are and give off a wrong message. It’s nothing wrong with cliches on it’s own - I may have worded it weird. But the story shouldn’t be too predictable. And sometimes abusive behavior even gets promoted, so that’s what I meant.
I’m sorry for any confusion (:

“Abusive Behavior”? I haven’t seen any in cliches.

I have.
Abuse isn’t only physically, it’s also mentally. Telling someone what they can and can’t do (without a reasonable explanation) is abuse. Telling someone what they can and can’t wear takes away your freedome. Someone who keeps telling you how ugly you are is abusing you.

Oh, maybe I haven’t been on episode much. Yes, but maybe those type of cliches are if you ever are in a relationship like that you have to speak to another adult, and if you don’t it’s a result of what happens.