I need a Story Team!

omfg my pc lagged for 20 minutes straight

But I agree.

But I also read a lot of stories that aren’t on the recommended section, so maybe this is one reason. And some people just don’t feel comfortable telling others (:

“Don’t feel Comfortable telling others” I don’t understand… :sweat_smile:

So I’m sorry I couldn’t respond immediately, family business. The team members are


Sorry everyone couldn’t join


It was an answer to this part.
But maybe I just understood it wrong, I am not a native speaker :sweat_smile:

Oooh, thank you!

I’m just gonna leave, because I am not accepted here :pensive:


It’s totally fine :roll_eyes:

I am so honored! Thanks for the opportunity, and glad I could help!

Thank you so much!
I hope that I am going to do a good job (:
Should we talk on the forums, or on Instagram?

Don’t be too down!
I bet there are other people out there who will need help, don’t give up!

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Speaking of Instagram, I need to start an episode one really soon, I only use discord for communication purposes.

If everyone has insta, then we can do a gc

I think they are all closed :thinking:

I have,

A personal Instagram or?

Just wait a day or two.
I’ve seen a lot of people these past days

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Thank you! :heart: