I need a story title idea :'(

Hii everyone :smile: so i need a good story title idea for my story. It is about this girl that is a geeky nerd that is making a film for her college. This mean girl tries to sabotage her and they do this prank war. Its basically like the story called IT ALL STARTED WITH A BRA but not really :joy: so please tell me :stuck_out_tongue: MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ME ON EPISODE THE APP, I AM AMASI MAWA! PLEASE DO AND Iโ€™LL FOLLOW Yโ€™ALL BACK! THANKYOU :wink:

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Prank Wars
The Best Prank

I need a title that is funny and good. And that is well written but good ideas :slight_smile: Please try again to help :blush:

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Starts With The Nerd
Mean Girl Pranks
Watch Out For The Mean Girlโ€ฆ

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can you dm me on snapchat? do you have it so we can chat!?

I donโ€™t have Snapchat but I sent you a dm/pm on here

Maybe, The College Prank War?