I need a story title

Hey guys, I really need help with a story I am making. But I can’t seem to find any titles. I tried the internet and it didn’t work. So I really need help. And I don’t feel like copying anybody stories.


What happens when you start tutoring the bad boy? Will it turn out more than just tutoring lessons?

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Episode name:
Tay Tay

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Tutoring lessons or something else
Tutoring in the bad boy
Bad boy tutored

Tutoring Him.
Teaching turned to Love.

I hope one of these work!

Thank you! I’ll keep the title in mind.

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Omg thank you!! I’ll see.

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Educating Bad?


Hm sounds great. Thank you!


Rub me more: tutoring the bad boy

Bad tutor

Bad boy’s tutor

Tutoring the bad boy

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How about?

Tutoring In Disguise
Lovely Teaching
His Way
Educating For Love
Helping Him Out
Teaching Into Love
Helping The Bad Boy
Changing His Ways
Looking Into Love
Teaching Her Way Into Love

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Thanks I’ll see:)

OMG thank you for your idea!! I’ll see what I can do with it.

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Oh I will, I will publish very soon

The Bad Boy needs to be Tutored Immediately

I’m sorry, it’s probably bad-I suck at story titles, no creativity when it comes to that : (

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1.Teaching Affection
3.Bad student

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Thanks, I’ll try!

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Don’t worry I’m sure your great with other things:)